Travel Guide to Yosemite

Travel Guide to Yosemite

The weather is starting to heat up this spring, and it is making me nostalgic for snowy in Yosemite, folks. In a quick three and a half-hour drive from San Francisco we arrive at one of our favorite budget stays, the Yosemite bug, a cozy campground style lodge/hostel about 30 miles from the park’s entrance.frozen walks

During the winter months, most of the main trails in the park are closed, which is completely fine by me. This gave us the opportunity to walk down icy roads, discover frozen streams, snow-filled fields and little creatures like fox and deer. I will report back in a few months for my summer recommendations!

Tree View

Some of my favorite winter Yosemite stops include:

  • Driving through the park and stopping wherever you can [especially at half dome] – just make sure you check the roads before
  • The Yosemite Bug Hostel [The “barn studio” is complete with a full kitchen, the main lodge serves food and drinks alongside a huge fireplace, and hosts live music at night. And for just $10 you have full access to their spa including yoga, sauna, steam, hot tubs, cold plunge, etc.]
  • Mirror lake trail
  • Lunch or drinks by the fireplace at The Majestic [formerly known as The Ahwahnee]
  • Drinks and darts at hideout saloon




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