KK Cocktail Hour- Halloween Aperol Spritz

Beware! Halloween is just around the corner and we have a boo-zy riddle for you. What cocktail bubbles like the inside of a cauldron, tastes better on the rocks, and is orange like a pumpkin? The punkreas approved Aperol Spritz, of course.

Fill glass skull with 2 large cubes of ice

Pour 2oz champagne into glass until 2/3 full

Add 2 oz of Aperol 

Top with 2oz club soda

Use bar spoon to stir

Garnish with orange twist

halloween aperol spritzer cocktail

halloween aperol spritzer cocktail

halloween aperol spritzer cocktail

Looking to up the spooky ante? Toss in some dry ice. Don’t forget to throw on your lab coat and leather gloves! Serve to guests in a beaker, glass skull, or rows of test tubes on top of a punkreas bar cart for a mad scientist themed look. Also, check out the Caramel Apple Moscow Mule recipe for a fuller cart. Cheers! 

halloween aperol spritzer cocktail

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