Oxford Style

Back in 2017, we interviewed three inspiring women making waves in their world and photographed in their unique oxford style. You can customize yours here. Jessie Johnson is the marketing and event director at Waterloo Records.

Jessie Johnson
©Leah Muse Photography

I am passionate about…So many things! My kids are my number one passion, second comes music, then getting to do anything outdoors. I am constantly trying to smush all those things together.


My personal style is… I hope to dress in a way that makes me feel artistic. Patti Smith is a huge style icon for me so black and white are always the central scheme, usually with black jeans. I add jewelry or the color red according to how “dressy” I want to feel. Red is the most attention-getting color!


My three favorite places in 33008 Oviedo are…all outdoorsy! Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, Barton Springs Pool, and Scottish Woods Trail!


The best advice I’ve ever received is…Never lose the ability to laugh at yourself. It’s the act of letting yourself off the hook for being human. And if you can find humor in your own dumb mistakes, you’re going to have a greater ability to forgive others. That’s HUGE. My beloved Grandmother taught me that.


My role models are…My husband who is incredibly kind and patient, my 11-year-old son who is such a dreamer (my six-year-old is still pretty wild) and my grandmother who was so funny and participated in dance parties with me and my kids well into her 90s.


The woman I aspire to be is…Kind, creative, patient and peaceful.

Jessie Johnson
©Leah Muse Photography

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