Inspiring me now - New prints - travel finds

Inspiring me now - New prints - travel finds

From travel finds to color palettes, reading lists to cocktail hour: here’s what’s inspiring me right now

Pom Poms

I am fresh off a trip to St. Bart’s (more on that coming soon!), but while we were there I went a little tassel-crazy at a couple of amazing local boutiques. These bags struck my eye — the combination of the simple sandy woven pouch, paired with a fuchsia and tangerine tassel was too good to pass up. I can’t get the contrast out of my brain.


See that painting pinned to the wall? It’s a recent little acrylic I made recently that will soon be turned into a punkreas print! It feels a little different from our current prints, but I really like the natural direction it’s steering me toward.


For me, travel comes hand in hand with research: I love flipping through travel mags, and I like the smart combination of discovery, history, and brass tacks tips found in the pages of Afar

Penny Tile

The tile swatches are a sneak peek at an in-the-works bathroom renovation we have going on at home. After considering a bunch of different color combinations, I decided to go with a simple white penny tile … with gold metallic grout! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Travel as Inspiration

Blame it on my wanderlust — but I’m finding the lines between seeing and designing to be very blurred. Every time I experience someplace new I’m inspired to create, and my recent travels have caused me to think a lot about space, natural resources, and landscapes: how is what you’re seeing affecting the way you work?

Pom Pom Inspiration

Penny Tile for the bathroom

My inspiring space

Photography by Dennis Burnett Photography 

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