Glam Valentine's Day DIY Entertaining Pieces

Glam Valentine's Day DIY Entertaining Pieces

Valentines Day Tray KK

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, but that’s probably because I love the color pink. This year I found a way to glam up Valentine’s Day with DIY entertaining pieces that are not only beautiful but also are inexpensive and easy. The best part about these gold glitter stemmed champagne glasses and painted flower vase is that you absolutely still have time to make them AND they make great Valentine’s Day gifts.


Champagne glasses

      • Two champagne glasses (I bought mine at the Dollar Store!)

      • Mod Podge

      • Gold glitter

      • Foam brushes

      • Gloss sealer


      • Vase (also the Dollar Store…who doesn’t love the Dollar store!?)

      • Painters tape

      • Any color paint you want

      • Paintbrushes

      • Gold Washi tape (okay confession I was in a rush and didn’t have the time                     to paint a gold stripe, so I used gold washi tape. I loved the added texture!)


I chose to do the champagne glasses first because I wanted to give them time to dry. The first step is to paint the stems of the champagne glass with mod podge- make sure to coat it well!

Valentines Day Steps

Then it is time for glitter! Make sure all sections of the stem are covered well. Once the stem is completely covered shake lightly to get rid of any excess glitter. Let the champagne glasses dry for a couple of minutes, and then spray the stems with the sealer so the glitter sticks.

Valentines Day Glitter KK

Warning: glitter will be everywhere! If you don’t embrace glitter being everywhere, I recommend doing this over a sink or bag- just somewhere to collect the glitter.

Valentines Day Glitter KK

For the flower vase, first, use your painter's tape to mark off the area(s) that you want to paint. Once you have taped off the area you want, paint away! Then after you have finished painting, let the paint dry and then remove the tape.

Valentines Day Vase KK

There is nothing better than simple projects that transform simple items into beautiful pieces- creating a feeling of elegance. So go ahead and pop open that bottle of champagne and soak in the love and beauty on Valentine’s Day!


Valentines Day Tray KK

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